Jesus is the ONLY WAY!
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Believe with your heart
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Believe with your heart

Our Goal is to love people to Jesus and to tell the whole world how (Simple) it is to become a Born Again Christian.

We are excited that you stopped by! We are hoping that if you do not know Jesus  (are not born again) that you will give us an opportunity to introduce you to our best friend, our Lord, or Savior, our King!

Only Through Jesus

Click below to feed a child
with no cost to you!!!

Please pray for the children below:
Have you seen any of them?

Believe with your heart

Believe with your heart

Believe with your heart

Before you go any further:
Have you ever accepted God's free gift of salvation?
Are you born again?
Below, you have two choices
either accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior
or reject Him as your personal Lord and Savior
the choice is YOURS, everyone must make this choice!




The power that raised Jesus from the dead